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All County Locksmith Store Charlotte, NC 704-312-5180As your local locksmith in Charlotte, NC area All County Locksmith Store offers a whole range of key-making solutions. One important service among these is the creation of transponder keys which is a cost-effective way to get a spare without ordering it from the manufacturers. The original costs significant money. But with our key duplication services, you enjoy the same quality at a fraction of the cost of original. Isn't this a better deal?

The ultimate guard against car theft

The manufacturers today are making it more and more difficult for thieves to jeopardize the security of vehicles. Use of transponder keys is the case in point. These being high precision keys, do not facilitate hotwiring, which is one of the most favored methods of thieves to start your car and get away. You can get complete peace of mind with a transponder key for your car. 

How does it work?

This type of key has nothing to do with car remotes, which are also quite popularly available. These are completely different and contain a chip within. The microchip present inside the transponder keys contains serial numbers that are unique to each product. Upon inserting the key within the switch, it starts giving off signals. The car will validate these signals. After this, deactivation of immobilizer will occur. In situations where the car is unable to read the signals emanating from the transponder keys, the car will be unable to start. 

A more sophisticated and complex mechanism is available in some vehicles too. Here encrypted rolling codes are used- after every use, the validation codes will simply change, making the system more fool proof.

Why do you require expert automotive locksmith?

Since the transponder keys will resist cloning, creating new ones is extremely challenging. In spite of that, you can always depend upon the services provided by All County Locksmith Store. Our team members are up to the challenge. We will offer on-site replacement solutions to our clients. Using our expertise and the needed tools, we will:

  • Cut key blade precisely for turning locks
  • Program the key chip appropriately to deactivate immobilizer

What is more, our experts will achieve the results for you within 30 minutes flat! 

Have you misplaced your transponder keys? Are you afraid that someone will misuse the same? Do not waste time or it will be too late! Call us on 704-312-5180 to get immediate solutions.