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Single key access is getting popular by the day. You might have come across a situation where the building supervisors have only one key at their disposal. They will use this to open all the apartment access points. Master Key solutions are one of the most sought-after services in Charlotte, NC area. A highly specialized job, such projects are common for:

  • Hotels
  • Businesses
  • Apartments
  • Hospitals
  • Hostels
  • Warehouses

Being a highly practical replacement to the need for carrying around a key bunch with multiple units, many clients approach All County Locksmith Store with such requests. 

How it works?

Locks operated under this mechanism work differently from the standard variety. Their design is such that one can open it with two different keys – the Change keys and the Master key. Change key refers to the opener specific to a particular lock. This means that with this key you will be able to open the door to your own apartment alone. The master key remains with the supervisor. Using this he or she might open all the locks relating to a specified group. This might be all the entry doors to a particular building or more. Those that wish may also consider sub-master keys. This will depend upon the organizational hierarchy and needs

Do you need one?

One simply cannot begin to enumerate all the benefits associated with this kind of arrangement for door opening in a commercial business setup or an apartment. Some of the major advantages include the following:

  • All County Locksmith Store Charlotte, NC 704-312-5180Efficient monitoring of rooms, specific areas
  • Limited access for people
  • Negate multiple key needs
  • Access for contractors and cleaners
  • Maintain access in spite of misplacing keys
  • Enhanced security aspects for home or office
  • Include additional locks without key making requirements

Such specialized projects require expert solutions such as those on offer from All County Locksmith Store. In spite of all the benefits that you might enjoy, allow us to delve into your needs. Do you require installation of master key system? Our experts will examine everything to give you the final verdict.

24/7 master key services

Our master key services are available 24x7. You can contact the help desk anytime during the day or night for immediate response. Benefit from our professional locksmith solutions that go easy on your pocket. For more information, do call us on 704-312-5180.